Men's Group

The men’s group is recently formed and is made up of all the men of the parish. They usually meet on the first Saturday of each month, at 7 a.m., joining together for Mass and group study of scripture and inspirational literature afterward. The group promotes fellowship among the men of the parish which results in a unified strength which promotes the spiritual, social, financial and material needs of the parish as well as the spiritual needs of our parish families. The group needs the talents of men to help with simple maintenance and upkeep of the church as well as with various social activities.

Parish Council

The parish council is an elected, consultative body which assists the pastor in the overall administration of the parish, particularly by coordinating the parish committees and organizations. Its existence is not obligatory as per the Code of Canon Law, but is highly recommended as a consultative body of the parish in that it seeks to encourage communication between the clergy and lay members of the parish family.

Finance Council

The parish finance is an appointed, consultative body which assists the pastor in the administration of the temporal goods of the parish. Its existence is obligatory as per the Code of Canon Law, its membership selected at the discretion of the pastor. Usually members are sought from among those of the congregation who have expertise in financial matters and business, and hence would be able to offer expert advice to the pastor as regards the management of the temporal affairs of the parish.

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