Matrimony is both a contract and a covenant between baptized persons and God, elevated by Christ to the dignity of a sacrament. 

Marriage is entered into by two persons of the opposite sex, consisting of the essential properties of unity (i.e., only one spouse) and indissolubility (i.e., wedded for life). 

God is the author of marriage, which is symbolized in and modeled on the love of Christ for the Church, His bride (Revelation 19:7). 

Marriage is regulated by divine law, ecclesiastical law, and in some measures by civil law. 

Marriage has a special place in forming mankind into a social entity, providing the essential unit of the family, understood as the central component and bedrock of society. 

The consent of the parties is asked for and received by the minister who is either a deacon or a priest.

To ensure a fruitful celebration of the sacrament, couples are required by diocesan law to approach the minister and partake in at least six months of preparation which included classes and a few workshops (see LINK to Marriage Policy, Archdiocese of Mobile). 

Please speak to parish deacon or priest to learn the necessary details for preparation and ceremony, especially if you or your intended is not free to marry (e.g., wedded prior and divorced without a declaration of nullity), and of consequence in need of the assistance of the Tribunal ministry which will required a significant amount of time and preparation (see the selection “Mobile Metropolitan Tribunal” on the diocesan web page 

Please speak as well with the parish secretary (see LINK) regarding parish fees and stipulations for the use of the Church and/or parish hall for a Catholic wedding.