A planning calendar of our parish activities for the current school year (August, 2014 to August, 2015) is now on our web page, using Google Calendars (www.stcatherinemobile.com).  The calendar looks very "busy" but that reflects how busy we are between our Masses and all of our spiritual and community activities.  Please use the calendar for your own planning purposes.  Please also keep your eyes on our weekly parish bulletin, also online, because regardless of our best made plans, it is possible for times, dates, and events to change for reasons beyond anyone's control.  As changes occur, we will work to maintain the parish planning calendar as best as possible.  If you know of a change, deletion, or are seeking the addition of an event, please call the parish office to discuss.  If you click on any item on the calendar, further detail information will appear.  If you use Google Calendar for your own personal planning, you can click on any item and have the event and details transferred to your personal calendar instantly.  Also, our parish calendar is likewise available for reading on the events calendar published by the Archdiocese (www.mobilearchdiocese.org).