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2009 Saint Catherine Siena Christmas Ornament

This ornament is an accurate reproduction, rendered by means of digital photography and metal-working, of the stained glass window located at the entrance of our parishChurch, facing the scenic thoroughfare on Spring Hill Avenue.  This is the centerpiece of all our windows, in that it depicts our patroness, Saint Catherine of Siena.  The window was installed when the present parish was dedicated in 1949.  Saint Catherine is shown carrying the Cross, a reminder to us all of our mission as disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are to carry our own cross daily, wedding our successes and failures to the Triumph of His Cross. 

She is shown wearing a mantle, or religious habit, in that she lived as a Dominican Tertiary.  One can see upon her body the stigmata, the symbols of our Lord’s wounds received at His Crucifixion.  Saint Catherine received her marks invisibly before death.  She is placed before a back-drop of the Church, in that she spent her whole life in defense of the Catholic faith, her last years of life spent in Rome rather than her native Siena, this at the Pope’s personal request.  She labored under his mandate to pray without ceasing for the well being of Christ’s Church on earth and of the Vicar of Christ, he seeking to lead as a true Shepherd during challenging times.  Saint Catherine envisioned herself, during prayer, as having Saint Peter’s Basilica resting upon her shoulders, symbolic of the awesome gravity of the task given to her. 

Her great faith is further symbolized by the image of the papal keys and triple-crown tiara.  The record of her visions and spiritual writings are depicted by the parchment scroll, these works inspired by the Holy Spirit who is represented by the descending dove.  Saint Catherine rose to the heights of mystical ecstasy in prayer, as represented by the presence of heavenly angels shown holding the Sacred Scriptures, the HeavenlyChurch, and the Scribe’s Pen.  Our patroness died on April 29, 1380 in Rome at thirty-three years of age and is a Doctor of the Church.

DIMENSIONS: 2 inches wide X 3 inches tall
24K Gold Flashed Brass