This sacrament communicates the grace of the Holy Spirit to one who is baptized by means of anointing with sacred chrism. 

The effects of the sacrament are an increase of sanctifying grace and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

A seal or character is imported on the soul so that the recipient is empowered to fearlessly profess the Catholic faith and fight against the temptations of sin and the wiles of the devil. 

In advance of receiving the sacrament there should be a period of catechesis for the recipient and the sponsor. 

The minister of the sacrament is normally the bishop, though the parish priest is granted the faculty to confirm those non-baptized persons who have attained the age of reason whom they have instructed in the faith for reception into the Christian community. 

This circumstance unfolds most often within the context of the R.C.I.A. program (see LINK), with the sacrament administered after baptism at the annual Easter Vigil celebration. 

For the youth of this parish, confirmation is celebrated every other year, with spiritual preparation occurring by way of our parish C.C.D. program (see LINK).