Reception of the sacrament of our Lord’s precious body and blood is reserved to those Catholic who are living in full communion with the Church.

The sacrament should not be received if the individual is in a dire state of sin until prior confession (i.e., the Sacrament of Penance). 

Preparation to receive the Eucharist, for youth, is offered by means of the parish’s “Sunday school” or C.C.D. program (see LINK). 

Youth generally receive communion during their second grade year of studies (i.e., having achieved the age of reason at seven years). 

Preparation to receive the Eucharist for adults is offered each year during the annual catechetical program of R.C.I.A. (see LINK). 

Please contact the parish office for the necessary details to enroll in either the R.C.I.A. or C.C.D. programs. 

Each program starts in the Fall and continues past the celebration of Easter. 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered regularly (Please see the parish Mass schedule – LINK).